Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Festive Fete 2021- Saturday December 4th   


Please be sure to use the QR codes posted at the event for Covid tracing.

If you are feeling unwell please refrain from attending the event



 Management Strategies – Normal operation

   Management Strategy - Emergency

Likelihood of risk

Injury to person

  • Trip hazards from electrical     extension cords. Have these out of the way and labelled so that     people are aware they are there.

  • Guy ropes from Gazebos/marquee.    Make all stall holders aware these must be out of the way and within their stall zone

  • Stall holders own products.     Stall holders take responsibility of own stalls and products and     think about the publics’ safety

  • Medical emergency of person on site

  • First Aid Kit on hand at  EFTPOS office

  • Cell phones Call 111 for  assistance

  • Qualified first aider on site  at all times (Anthea, Jaye)

  • St Johns on site


Covid 19

  • Spread of Covid 19 at the event

  • Hand sanitiser available in several locations

  • Encourage those that are not feeling well to not attend the event

  • QR code to trace movements of attendees



  • Extension cords carefully     placed behind stalls and labelled

  • Tables and Gazebos stall holders responsibilities and they are made aware of this

  • Fire extinguisher on hand x2

  • First Aid on hand and qualified     first aider (Anthea, Jaye)

  • See emergency plan below

  • St Johns on site



  • Wind could be a hazard with gazebo’s and marquees. Let stallholders know the likelihood of wind and to bring weights etc to hold things down.

  • Sunburn     

  • Extra heavy bottles and weights to hold ropes down if wind extreme pull down stalls, no sharp objects for anchors, evacuate public     

  • Sunscreen at the main office


  Road/parking Hazards

  • Traffic congestion and backed up on road causing possible accident. Traffic Management plan in place

  • Possible accident involving pedestrians in parking lot. Have a 10km speed limit and a set parking plan in place.

  • People on parking duty and keeping cars flowing.

  • Parking people wearing highlighter vests to make them visible

  • First Aider on site

  • See emergency plan below

  • Implement approved TMP

  • St Johns on site



  • Falling over or injury caused by stray rubbish. Wheelie bins around site for rubbish. Checked regularly and bin liners changed if required. Bags to be placed on trailer in discrete location.

  • Stall holders made aware they are responsible for own rubbish

  • Clean up group organised for the end of the day

  • Extra liners on hand with  trailer to dispose of rubbish

  • Disposable gloves



  • Central Evacuation spot being the car park for fire and earthquake. All helpers/staff and stall holders aware of this.

  • Fire/long grass – Grass cut so hazard reduced.  

  • Fire Hydrants on site

  • Call 111

  • 2 x Fire Extinguisher on site in Main office

  • St Johns on site



  • Safety power cables used at     all times by stall holders

  • Safety circuits on power     outputs at Race Course

  • Know Central Location to  turn power off if necessary

  • Call 111

  • Apply First Aid

  • St Johns on site



  • In parking lot, have parking/security people in area throughout the day monitoring space

  • Entertainment provided to keep them in a central location (Bungy tramp, sunshade)

  • Have a loud speaker system  to call parents if child lost- located in main office

  • Central Festive Fete main office as a meeting place



Emergency Procedures

In case of emergency please contact the event organiser Anthea ( 021 033 6422), who will contact the appropriate emergency authority through the 111 system. They will then take the appropriate action from there.

Emergency evacuation site is in the car park. We will have an area that is cordoned off for emergency vehicle assess and for those who require disability access to the site.

A First Aid Kit and Fire extinguishers will be at the Main Office/EFTPOS shed, and can be accessed through the event organisers.

Cromwell St Johns on site throughout the day. This will assist with First Aid and emergency situations.

Please direct all media or people contacting you about the event, or any emergency, to Anthea.


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