What we do


For Event Organisers

 Fête Central is an online registration platform for event organisers to have their stallholders apply to attend  their event. We collect all the information you require, we collect the registration fee on application by the stalllholder so no more late fees, and we can send you a database for your emailing or we can do the emailing for you. So no more posting out forms, getting paper forms back and having to enter all the information yourself.


For Stallholders

 This is a fast and simple way for you to register for an event. Once you have done one registration form, you will then be able to access your information for future events just by logging in. This is a new website so even if you have registereed with Fête Central prior to 2015, you will need to sign up now. Simply click on "sign up" under login on the right of the page, and fill out the form. All this information will then populate event registration forms when you login.

 Fete registration